Aktivitas Antibakteri Senyawa Metabolit Sekunder Dalam Ekstrak Etanol Gubal Tanaman Gaharu (Gyrinops Versteegii(Gilg) Domke)

  • Nia Silvia Sukma Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta,
Keywords: ethanol extract sapwood Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke, antibacterial activity, secondary metabolite


Lombok Island has successfully cultivated gaharu plants from the Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke species. However, sapwood from this plant has not been optimally utilized due to lack of information about secondary metabolites contained in gaharu pig Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke. Through chemotaxonomy approach it is assumed that gaharu ethanol extract contains secondary metabolite compound with antibacterial bioactivity. The purpose of this study was to determine the secondary metabolite group in the extract of gaharu ethanol and determine the antibacterial activity of the secondary metabolites it contained.Analysis of secondary metabolite content using qualitative tests of terpenoid compounds, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, and alkaloids. Furthermore, sulfur ethanol extract was fractionated by using column chromatography to obtain pure fraction and compound. Antibacterial testing was performed on gaharu ethanol extract of Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg).