Evaluasi Pemilihan Jenis Pohon Pada Pengelolaan Lahan Berbasis Agroforestri Di Desa Paten, Kecamatan Dukun, Kabupaten Magelang

  • Raras Lelia Oktavianti
  • Gudiwidayanto Sapto Putro Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta
  • Nyuwito Nyuwito Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta
Keywords: Agroforestry, Importance Value Index (IVI), Land Slope


Communities in the Paten village, Dukun sub-district have long carried out agroforestry-based land management. However, the land management is constrained by knowledge of the characteristics of the cultivated trees on their land. The purposes of this study were to study the composition of tree species, to determine the Importance Value Index (INP) of the constituent trees and to create agroforestry-based land management plans that are in accordance with the condition of their land. This study was conducted by measurement and observation using a plot (20 m x 20 m) with a sampling intensity of 10% in each slope. The data were analyzed by the variance analysis test and further analyzed by LSD advanced test. The result shows that the composition of plant species in the Paten Village found 11 species. The effect of the slope is not significantly different from the height and width of Sengon and Waru crowns, but there is a marked difference in the width of the Jackfruit crown. The Jackfruit tree has the highest INP value in all slopes.