Kajian Suhu Proses Penggorengan Kripik Salak Dengan Menggunakan Vacuum Frying

  • Shiddiq Shiddiq
  • Yulius Kiswanto Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta
  • Fevri Marsudi Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta
Keywords: Snake fruit, Salaca edulis Reinw


Snake fruit (Salaca edulis Reinw ) can be processed into chips in order to prolong it shelf life. This recearch was carried out at Agricultural Technology Laboratory, Faculty of Agricultural Technology INTAN Yogyakarta in January- March 2018 using non factorial randomized design with three levels, i.e 700C, 800C and 900C. Parameters observed were water content, Vitamine C, sugar content and organoleptic value. The result showed that frying temperature had significant effect on water content, vitamine C , sugar content and organoleptic value. Frying temperature at 800C showed the best treatment based on retension of vitamine C and preference of panelist.