Pertumbuhan Dan Hasil Dua Varietas Tanaman Cabai Merah Yang Diberi Pupuk Organik Cair, Asap Cair Tempurung Kelapa Dan Jerami Padi

  • Noordiana Herry Purwanti Institut Pertanian Intan Yogyakarta
Keywords: Capsicum, organic liquid fertilizer, liquid smoke


The research is aimed to obtain the effect of interaction between liquid fertilizers and varieties of red chili peppers and also to compare the effectiveness of coconut shell and paddy hay liquid smoke as organic liquid fertilizer for growth and yield of two varities of red chili peppers. The experiment has been done in Yogyakarta Agricultural Institute (INTAN) green house between January-April 2016.
The experiment was arranged in two-factor completely randomized design in 3 replications. The first treatment factor is the Capsicum variety, in this experiment, PM 999 and Castello, whereas the second factor is the type of liquid fertilizers with control, organic liquid fertilizer, coconut shell and paddy hay liquid smoke. Variables included plant height, stem diameter, flowering age, number of fruits, fruit weight, and fruit diameter. Data were analyzed using varianceanalysis, followed by Duncan Multiple Range Test on 5% and 1% to obtain differences between treatment.
Experiment resulted in no interaction between treatment of organic liquid fertilizers and varieties of red chilli peppers. Organic liquid fertilizers gave both optimum growth and yield, but gave similar result for fruit diameter compared to coconut shell and paddy hay liquid smoke. There were differences between growth and yield between PM 999 and Castello. Growth and yield of PM 999 are better but with smaller fruit diameters than Castello.