Pemanfaatan Aktivator Alami Dan Buatan Pada Dekomposisi Limbah Padat Pabrik Minyak Kayu Putih Secara Semi Aerobik

  • Bonnex Nicusay
Keywords: cajuputi, activators, compost


This research is motivated by the many problems of waste produced by the distillation of leaves of melaleuca cajuputi oil. The leaf waste is difficult to decompose so that it will pile up. Seeing the amount of waste which is produced, we conducted research on the use of ash and leaves of melaleuca cajuputi oil refinery waste using natural and artificial activator aerobically. This research aimed to observe the effect of adding to the waste ash cajuputi leaf oil refining and the addition of natural and artificial activators of the decomposition process and quality semi-anaerobic compost. The study was conducted for one month at Jl. Bantul km 9.
The experimental design used is Complete Random Design (CRD) with two factors. The first factor is the material used consists of leaves and leaf with ash addition. The second factor is the use of an activator that is natural, liquid, and solid, with two replications. Parameter of this research are the content of element C-organic, N-total, P-total, K-total, and the C / N- ratio. Then, we analyze the data by using a test analysis of variance (ANOVA), then the results showed a significant treatment effect continued by Least Significance Different (LSD).
The results showed that composting temperatures ranging between 28˚C - 30˚C, the addition of ash in composting only affect the Leaves' water level. Leaves' water level obtained by 32%, while the leaves plus ash obtained by 42%. The use of natural and artificial activators (solid and liquid) did not differ significantly on the nutrient content is generated that is N-total, P-total, K- total, organic C, and C / N-ratio. Level waste decomposition eucalyptus oil refinery in the present study reached the early stages of decomposition.
The results showed that the addition of ash is relatively not affect the decomposition process, and even tends to lower total-N content of compost. The addition of natural and artificial activators provide the same effect on the chemical content of the compost. Ther